Friday, March 18, 2016

Lift by Lift...

This long neglected blog is well deserving of an update.  What else do lifting moms of infants do at 1am other than indulge in a thousand humbling Hookgrip videos?!

I'm slowly looking at competitions and settling on a training plan. It's been challenging as it's rare that I can make it through a full Olympic lifting workout without being interupted by a need from my daughter, and the added expense of another person has left my coaching budget completely tapped.

Not exactly the recipe for success I'd hoped for, but it is the testament to a fabulous community of lifters. They are always happy to help with encouragment or critiques.

Now, it's true what they say... 80% of the 'new baby' work falls on mothers. My Sailor is a fabulous help, but sometimes (daily) she just needs some Mom. It's like magic to her, so I'm balancing work, military spousehood, and my newest role as Mom as well- and my training has suffered a bit.

But that's okay. I'm actually lifting between 85 and 90% of my lifetime maxes in my Snatch (90%), and Clean & Jerk (86%). When I do get the spare change, I throw it at grabbing a coaching lesson here or there.

Right now, I'm deciding between the ambitious Kara's 9 weeks of heaven Catalyst program, or the 13 week OTM program... i know I'd love to do Kara's program,  but it requires one thing that is at a premium at the moment- time in the gym. I don't want to set myself up to fail, though I know I saw serious physical changes when trying that program before. In fact, it arguably got me to Nationals last year... but the OTM is less time intensive, frustrating lacks the full lifts, but has also been functional in the past.

At this point, anything I can stick to will make me stronger....